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68 Yrs old; Wood Carver; Rajasthan

Experience: 53 years

" I am an artist and I am proud of it. I started at an early age, with the talent inherited from my ancestors. Wth my slow and steady efforts, I honed my skills in carving. The piece of wood and my passion to keep giving shape to my imagination motivated me throughout."

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42 Yrs Old; Kaavadiya; Chittorgarh Basti Village, Rajasthan

Experience: 34 years

Around 400-500 year old artform, started by a Brahmin group in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The dying art of story-telling through Kaavads isn't just a sacred ritual; it is a way of education the next generation about values, morals and ethics that their culture stands for through mythological characters and incidents. Satyanarayan Suthar learnt Kaavad since he was 8 years old, from his father. A District award, State award and National award winner, he has showcased his skill in various places in India and Abroad. Currently he travels around India showcasing his art on various mediums.


18-30 Yrs old; Puppeteers; Kathputli Colony, Delhi

Experience: 10 years

Project Kayakalp aims to empower traditional puppeteers and other artists of Kathputli colony, Shadipur Depot and expand their income generation possibilities, while also using the medium of puppetry to convey social and environmental messages.


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55 Yrs Old; Miniature and Phad Painter; Amer, Rajasthan

Experience: 30 years

A talented Miniature and Phad artist from Amer, Rajasthan. Shankar Lal Ji has worked extensively on mythological subjects for the past 30 years, illustrating the Ramayana and the story of Dev Narayan. His work has been exhibited as the Global Arts Village in Dubai and the Annual Crafts Fair at Dilli Haat.


52 Yrs Old & 45 Yrs old, Coir Toy Artisan, Orissa

Experience: 25 years

Women Empowered Initiative started by Parida Family, about 50 years ago. Currently they employ about 50 girls and women from their village and nearby villages, with the help of District Industry Centre and they run a skill development centre for making coir toys in Chandpur Village, District Jalakadar, Orissa.



54 Yrs Old; Braj ki Sanjhi Artisan; Vrindavan

Experience: 40 years

" A person's mind and heart has to be totally involved during Sanjhi art, especially while carving Thakurjee (Lord Krishna) with the right expression."


Folk Culture Research Centre of North East India.(An unit of ARHI)

Folk Culture Research Centre of North East India.(An unit of ARHI)



Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum


Dr. Gautam Chatterjee (Chattopadhyay) (b.1958 New Delhi) Academically he holds a Ph.D from prestigious Rabindra Bharati University on Social History. For 30 years he has been writing, doing field and archival research and playing different management roles in Print and Electronic Media.

He has written 25 books on various themes from writing on freedom struggle, social history to various indological works apart from themes like Thought Management. He has written several hundred articles in national and international media. In electronic media he has scripted/created several hundreds of documentaries/programmes since 1998. He has also scripted documentations of Oral Traditons of Vedas, Ramlila Tradition, which got UNESCO recognition as World’s Intangible Heritage. 

Later in 2015 on the score of Detail Documentation of Heritage-- Ramnagar Ramlila he was Project Director in IGNCA in conceptualizing, planning and execution of entire month long multi camera documentation and field research. Thenafter lead the year long post-production work out of 400 hours of audio-visual footage and 31 abridged for DD Transmission and 31 long hour documentation were created.

One of his academic and spiritual endeavour been understanding and realizing the formless Ram Naam Philosophy Propounded by Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj (1868-1960). His field research, Realizations and Revelations are mostly available in this web as free ebooks and articles and some are available at Shree Ram Sharnam, International Prayer Centre, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi.




Articles on Indian Cultural Heritage

Dr Gautam Chatterjee has studied Indian History as his academic specialization. His Ph. D thesis was on Social History. Dr. Chatterjee has done extensive archival research on various aspects of Indian Culture and Heritage. He has written many academicpapers on Historical subjects and for common man he has been studying many aspects of Indian culture and did field study on various subjects. 

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RAGHVI: "Co-Creator"

28 yrs, Design Strategist, Delhi


Drop a thought, Ignite a vision

Thoughts arise from different perspectives, that are creative from our experiences. Observation, analysis and critique of these thoughts, I believe, open possibilities of creating and developing new concepts and ideas. An entrepreneur, a creative thinker, a design strategist and a visual communicator, with cross-cultural and cross-media experiences. Currently working as a founder at Nazariya, co-founder at CreativeEdge Training and HadipaLive and marketing head at 3SKreative Design Studio.

PRATEEK: "Content Creator"

19 Yrs, B.Tech Student, Delhi


Work Until you no longer have to introduce yourself..!!

Working as a content writer and editor at Nazariya for the past 2 month. A B.Tech student at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, having a keen interest in technicality. Possesses a refine communication & computing skills. Focused and dedicated towards his responsibilities and work. 

MUKUL: "Youth Ambassador and co-creator"

20 yrs, BTech Student, Delhi


If I will do it... I will do it in a killer style, or I won't do it.

A young student aspiring entrepreneur, an ethnographic researcher, currently studying BTech from DCE. He is an extremely talented, jugaad based problem solver with experience in communications, marketing, PR and much more. 


SAHIL: "Marketing Guru"

26 Yrs, Freelance Marketing Consultant, Delhi


A graduate in commerce from H.R. college of commerce and economics, he started his career with United Sports Ltd. as a key accounts executive, after which he worked with Red Bull India Pvt. Ltd. as a field marketing specialist for the city of Mumbai. Shifting his interest from large to slightly smaller organizations, he worked with a startup called Bombay Hemp Company, expanding their organization to North India. A travel enthusiast though a little lazy, a writer when time feels right to write and someone who can easily drift into philosophical questions with no implications.  

PRABHAT: "Information Manager" 

23 yrs, Bach. Social Work, Delhi


I have fallen many times, but I dared.... to walk again... every time.

A dedicated professional with 2+ years of combined experience as a surveyor, supervisor and field manager in education research.  


DEEPAK: "Bangalore City Ambassador"

29 Yrs, B.Tech Electronics & Instrumentation, Bangalore


The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves or rather, loved, inspite of ourselves.

A native of North Karnataka, he is a blogger, a speaker by passion, a technical enthusiast and an avid traveller. Apart from all this, he is a technocrat with exceptional QA engineering skills.



"The Calm, Composed & Multi-talented Blogger"

19 Yrs, Dual Degree in Computer Science from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University

A computer science student, who is a social worker too. An active member of I Clean team of the city, a writer who has written various short stories and someone who loves to cook & photograph nature. Currently preparing to represent India in business school abroad such as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA & Columbia. 


BLOGS WRITTEN: Bhopal Architectural Structures

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"A normal human being and a passionate dreamer"

19 Yrs, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Model Engineering College

A very enthusiastic cinephile and a keen photographer who loves to explore the world and its people. Electrical engineering student, a reader of fiction who believes in the best. He has his own social notions and he loves to work towards change, for the better.

BLOGS WRITTEN: The "irresistible" 3 of Kochi



"The Zealous Blogger"

20 Yrs, BA(Hons) Psychology from Jamia Milia Islamia 

A keen learner who is full of positive vibes and loves exploring new places. Sometimes a photographer; sometimes a baker; books on mystics of the world and psychology is her thing. 



BLOGS WRITTEN: Gond Art: The Allure of Sagas, Dastangoi: The Minimalistic Art of Storytelling

BLOGS TO WATCH OUT FOR: The Charming Walls: Bhitti Chitrakala from Varanasi; Chamba Art



"The Hardworker"

19 Yrs, B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, Anna University

Someone who loves to be a blogger, especially when it comes to writing about sports. Analysis is his strong area. 





"The Simple one"

21 Yrs, BTech (ECE), JNTU University

He will go an extra mile, irrespective of even and odds, on the perspective of a situation.  A silent viewer and an analyser of the human emotions.

BLOGS WRITTEN: Hyderabad-My City, Shilparamam - The Village of Traditional Arts



"The Wanderer"

23 Yrs, MA English Literature, University of Delhi

Accidental graduate, with a passion for painting, photography and travelling. Love squirrels, rain, storms, sunsets and all things nature. Hope to pursue research work on the tribal and gypsy groups of India, and if life allows, adapt to their ways of primal living.


BLOGS WRITTEN: The untold history of Dhokra Artisans of Bengal



"The Optimist"

22 Yrs, MA Sociology, Calcutta University

An occasional reader and a travel buff with an unexplainable love for cats. She mostly survives on music and tea!



BLOGS WRITTEN: Puppetry in Bengal



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